Teaching at Max #1: Students aged 4-6

At Max we have three types of students:  kindergarteners, primary school students, and adults.  This post is about kindergartner students.


Our kindergarten classes are from 4-6 years old.  At this age students are young enough to absorb the language naturally, but old enough to speak and interact meaningfully with the world around.


Goals:  these classes only focus on speaking and listening.   Students can look at an object, say its name and use it in a sentence or to answer the teacher’s question.   The curriculum is divided into three levels:  after completing the first level students will know about 50 words, after the second 150, and after the third level they should know 350 words.


What are classes like?

In one class students are expected to learn 4-6 words and one or two sentence structures.   Classes normally begin with a warm-up where the teacher will ask students their names and a few other questions to get them thinking about English.  After the warm-up the teachers will introduce new vocabulary, then practice the vocabulary.  Once the students are confident with the new vocabulary the class will move on to using the vocabulary in a sentence.


Basic class schedule:


Ask the students their names, their age, how they are doing, and other questions to get them thinking in English.


Go over a previous units vocabulary and sentences.

Introduce the unit: 

Give a quick introduction of the goals for the day.

Introduce vocabulary: 

Slowly introduce new vocabulary, correcting pronunciation, and testing if students are able to recognize the new vocabulary.

Practice vocabulary:

Through  the use games and activities practice the new vocabulary and test if students are able to say the new words.

Introduce new sentence structure:

Act out the new sentence structure to help show its meaning and make students repeat the sentence.

Practice the new sentence structure:

Using games, play acting, dialogues, etc. have students practice the new sentence structure and may use that day’s vocabulary in the new structure.


Go over the day’s material.

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