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The October 20th edition of Yinchuan’s 新消息报 (New News) ran an article about the founding of Max Education.  Here is a link to the article http://sz.nxnews.net/xxxb/html/2017-10/20/node_28.htm

Pictured from left to right: Stephen, Brian, Graham, Sweet, Tony, Andy, Neil



Here is a rough translation of the article.


My name is Yu Qin Yin (Sweet).  I’ve always had a dream to travel the world and experience different people and customs.


My story has two import words “Yinchuan” and “foreigners.”  I was born in the 80’s in Zhejiang, graduated from Beijing Normal University, and studied abroad.  The reasons I came to Yinchuan is that I once read an article saying that Yinchuan and Chengdu are the “best cities to retire in,” and an online search showed Yinchuan is developing to have the best living and entrepreneurial conditions.  I was very curious about this city and in April of 2012 I finally moved here.  After staying awhile, I began to like this fine city.  I felt Yinchuan is full of life and opportunities.


Once, when I saw a news article discussing how poor areas in southern Ningxia Province lack education resources, even to the point where they can’t find teachers and have no way of teaching English I suddenly though of Max.  Max is a Chinese-American, the founder of Hong Kong Max International Education Company LLC, and he had mentioned helping rural students study English.  I suddenly thought “Hey.  I have the resources why don’t I do it.  I’ll go find some foreign English teachers.”


I went many times to ask foreign teachers for help until I met my current boyfriend, Graham.  He was first described to me by a friend as “a kind of handsome American.”  In October 2012 we first met, I told him my idea and he was a bit mystified, but he was moved and finally agreed to help.


I posted an article online looking for a school that could use our teaching help.  After less than a week  I was in contact with Yinchuan City, Xingqing district, Manchun Primary school.  I will never forget the smiles on the children’s faces as they learned English with Graham.  I called this activity “happy education” and the course of my life changed.  From that time my love and career had a resolute path.


After numerous successful teaching activities, I got the idea to start an English training center and bring pure English education to Yinchuan.   After meeting with the relevant government departments I became more confident because Yinchuan’s strong support for entrepreneurs.  The simplification of the approval process fills entrepreneurs’ (like mine) hearts with warmth.  I thought about putting down roots and growing a business here.





In starting a school the hardest part is attracting foreign teachers.  Getting an experience foreign teacher to work in Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou isn’t hard, but to come an inland city is difficult.  When I made the difficult starting steps with the help of friend, pure English education and a novel classroom style attracted more and more parents’ attention and I discovered that Yinchuan parents strongly value education.  This made me feel even more confident.  In order to hire a native English teacher, I was willing to pay more than first-tier city salaries.


After 5 years I feel I am half Yinchuanese.  Max Education has a team of teachers that would make even first-tier cities envious.  The teachers mainly come from America or England and the number of campuses has expanded from one to three.  Our job ads are placed all over the world and potential teachers have to go through an interview process, provide a legalized degree, criminal background report and medical exam among other documents in order to be approved by Foreign Experts Bureau.  This is so strict to put the numerous Yinchuan parents at ease.


In the past two years, along with Yinchuan’s rapid economic growth more and more foreign teachers are coming to work in Yinchuan.  Five years ago Max was the only all foreign teacher training center in Yinchuan and now there are several competitors, but I am not afraid because me and my team are always working hard, never stop growing and victory goes to the brave.

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