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Life at MAX Education in Yinchuan

Teaching jobs in China

Why MAX?

Teaching in China is a rewarding experience:  from watching your students grow and learn to living and travelling in a foreign country.   At MAX Education you won’t only have a wonderful time working abroad, but you’ll also have a well-paying job, training, a legal work visa, help settling in and career advancement opportunities.  

Moving abroad can be scary, especially moving to a country as large and as diverse as China, but it won’t be with MAX Education.  We will guide you through the visa process, coming to China, settling in to your new home, and helping you make new friends foreign and local. 

Benefits of working for us

Food&Coffee Bar
We have our own Coffee and Tea Bar with coffee, black tea, and milk. There is a restaurant three doors down that serves at cost international food to MAX employees.
Travel Together
We often go together on trips to the Helan Mountains or desert.
Weekly team meetings for problem solving & training for the teachers.
Teaching tools
We have everything a teacher needs to teach. From flashcards to props and touchscreen computers to stuffed animals we have it all.
Health Insurance
Our health insurance has you covered.
Flight Ticket Reimbursement
A flight ticket back home is included upon finishing the contract.

Teaching at MAX

teach english to adults in china
teach english to children in china

Teaching at MAX

At MAX Education you will be the only teacher for your class and because of this and the small class sizes (up to nine) you and your students will have time to develop a relationship.  We believe in creating an immersive English teaching environment where students not only learn English, but learn how to use English.  


At MAX Education we have three different types of students: pre-school (4-6), elementary (7-12), and adult.  For our youngest students we only teach speaking and listening.  These classes are the most active with lots of games and activities to give our youngest learners the time and repetition they need to learn new words and sentences.  Elementary school aged children have a more traditional and comprehensive curriculum which includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The adult students are fewer in number and classes vary in difficulty from basic travel English to adults looking to go work or live abroad.

Life in Yinchuan

Yinchuan is the capital of Ningxia Province.  Yinchuan is geographically centrally located in China and is the home to the China-Arab expo.    The city is between the Yellow River to the east and the Helanshan mountains to the west.   Despite its relatively laid back atmosphere it is growing rapidly with a high speed rail connection and subway being built.


Cuisine:  the local food is relatively spicy and has lots of meat and noodles.  Because of the large Muslim population there is lots mutton and beef, but pork can still be found.  In summer time kebab restaurants spring up on nearly every street, but in winter time people can warm up with a bowl of hot, soupy noodles.

Mosque in Yinchuan

Climate:   Summers are dry, sunny, and, unlike southern China, not too hot.  Winters can be cold, but everything is heated.  The air quality is decent with much of the particulates coming from natural sources.  

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