South School

The south school is Max's first location in Yinchuan.  It has three large classrooms, two small classrooms for adults, a lounge area for parents, and cupola office area for teachers.  The school, like all of our schools, is well equipped with touch screen TVs or smart boards,  teaching supplies, teaching props, printer, coffee machine, and lots of room to teach.


The school is located just south of the city center and adjacent to large leafy residential complex where many of our teachers choose to live.

North School

The north school is located on the north side of town just west of Haibao Park. The north school has, three classrooms, a drama classroom, a parents waiting area, and an office. Like all of our schools the classrooms are equipped with touch screen TVs, toys, realia, and flashcards


With a new name this is Max's newest school.   This school has a huge open parent's waiting area, reception, library and coffee bar area.  The school's modern look, high ceilings and lots of glass gives it a very open feel.

Max Zhongwei

Zhongwei is an oasis city on the Yellow River in Ningxia and has recently turned into a bit of a tourist site with thousands coming daily to explore the desert, mountains and river.

Max Ningo

Ningbo is awesome!!!